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Silicone Useful_items Plastic Bottle Opener! 耐熱・耐油・耐薬・耐溶剤性に優れたフッ素ゴム専用接着剤。
Novelty Rubber Bands
silicone tube cleartube sheets fluoro paint tube fluoro sheets
Silicone materials Fluoro rubber paint and materials
シリコンコップ販売SK paint tube fluoro sheets
silicone tablewears Fluoro rubbermaterials

Our Mission....

We've been providing silicone rubber base products, and mold of silicone/plastic resin.
Our advantage is to provide right solution to meet customer's individual requirement and have confident through our experience.
Not only for silicone resin-textiles, but we offer standardized goods for safty/laboratory equipment.